Share Your


Privlic is a groundbreaking geosocial app which redraws the map for position-based communication. With Privlic you can share your position in real time and communicate with anyone, locally or across the globe!

Privlic Uses #

to Gather People

Join a hashtag, communicate and see real time positions of people who have something in common with you – for example people who are at the same venue as you or share a common interest, profession or other background

Communicate with Friends and

Family in a Private Setting

Create your own private maps and have a chat with family, friends and other acquaintances while watching their real time position

Integrity Is


With Privlic you have the option to manage your privacy settings so you have full control over who is in your audience.  In addition, you always have the option to quickly turn into a “ghost” and become invisible

The Wait Is Soon Over

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